ZŁOTA 44 - apartaments for rent

Aston Real Estate presents apartments with a phenomenal view, located in the best residential investment of Central and Eastern Europe - a luxury skyscraper Złota 44! 

With extensive experience and cooperation with many owners of apartments at Złota 44, Aston Real Estate has an extensive offer of apartments to rent in this unique building. We also offer apartments from recommendation, that are not published on Real Estate Websites.

With excellent knowledge of the building, as well as the developed relationship with the building administration team, Aston Real Estate is able to carry out the lease process efficiently. Our strategy in price negotiation is based on a win-win model, that guarantees satisfaction for both sides of the transaction. The agency service does not end for us on finalizing the transaction – we provide assistance with additional services, such as, organization of cleaning, transportation, Internet installation. We also provide our clients with the opportunity to consult with a tax advisor and legal counsel.

Our agents are characterized by full availability – we organize meetings adapting to the date indicated by you. Thanks to the availability of the keys to almost all apartments, we provide a comfortable and time-unlimited presentation of each apartment. We also have the opportunity to show the customer round all available common areas, including lounge area, meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool and spa.
Customer satisfaction of the rented apartment is our highest goal, and the gratitude shown to us of our satisfied customers met on daily basis in the common areas is the biggest reward for us for our effort and commitment to the rental process. We ensure full discretion and professionalism throughout the transaction process.

For the owners of apartments at Złota 44 we offer professional advice, valuation, negotiation, apartment care and full availability. We also provide due diligence and verification of potential tenants, as well as full transaction security and after-sales service. We also organize tax and legal advice services, as well as a range of additional services, such as, cleaning, repairs, home-staging. Aston Real Estate also takes care of re-renting the property (thanks to reminders before the end of the lease period) and does not charge a re-commission when the tenant continue the rent for subsequent annual periods. Aston Real Estate receives a one-off salary regardless of the lease term. If the customer decides to extend the rental, we provide free support in the preparation of the formalities related to lease extension.

In Warsaw there are many offers of luxury apartments for rent, but Złota 44 is the most exclusive address of them all.

We invite you to cooperate with us and present below our current offer of apartments in this unique building, which is Złota 44.